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"Ben took photos of my family the other day in the city. He was very professional and allowed us to walk casually through the city. I specifically wanted Ben to take photos of my family because I preferred pictures that were more natural and did not look staged. We walked through the park and Ben took pictures of my 2 year old daughter as she played. It can be very hard taking pictures of a toddler but Ben was very patient and persisted in taking different shots from many angles until he got the best shot. He was able to capture some great shots of my daughter blowing bubbles and riding her tricycle. He also processed the pictures very quickly and within three days he sent us all the proofs. I was very happy with the quality of the pictures and would definitely ask Ben to take pictures of us again."



"Our firm hired Ben Pfannl Photography to update our employees head shots as well as entire group photos. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. He was incredibly easy to schedule time with, and made each employee comfortable during the photo process. Additionally, the turn-around time for receiving our photos was much faster than other photographers we had worked with in the past. We would highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future."

Morgan Hill Konstantinidis - Retail Sites, LLC

"Ben is an phenomenal photographer. He worked of my wedding, and let me tell you, every single moment was captured! I am able to relive that day over and over again. He was professional, and timely. My family and I are truly happy. I highly recommend Ben for any event! Again, he is great!"

Tricia and Kevin

“Ben's photos beautifully captured the experience of the guests on our Philadelphia tour as well as the sights we saw throughout the city. Ben's photos are the highest quality images to date for our company, and we'd love to work with him again.”

Mark Simmons - Owner and Operator, Free and Friendly Tours

"Ben is alert and has a camera that comes alive every moment. I trust him with the most delicate moments. Try him, you'll be delighted."

Paul Binder  - Founder, Big Apple Circus

"We commissioned Ben Pfannl to be the photographer for our son's rehearsal dinner in May. His candid photos were exactly what we were looking for. We loved his work. Ben is easy going yet very professional. We highly recommend him."

Barbara & Mike


"For the past few years Ben Pfannl has been the official photographer for the Association for the Advancement of International Education’s Annual Conference. Ben is reliable, conscientious, and dependable. A dedicated and talented professional, Ben consistently produces work of the highest quality."

Elsa C. Lamb, Executive Director
Association for the Advancement of International Education

"Ben photographed our wedding last summer. We were so pleased with the way the pictures turned out we called him back to capture our baby shower this year. Ben's unobtrusive style and ability to capture people's natural expressions was exactly what we were looking for. We highly recommend him!"

Sara & Nathan

Madison's Baptism

"Ben made my daughter Madison's first baptism that much more memorable. He was patient and courteous, and even when among friends, he is very professional and passionate about his work."

Kristin & James

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